1st Year Overview

Prerequisites for the Program

First Semester

  • Bible Study-Discipleship
  • BIOL-Anatomy and Physiology
  • BOTNY-Basics in Botony
  • MDWF-Midwife’s Assistant Course
  • HLTH-Whole Food Principles
  • HLTH-Medical Terminology

Second Semester

  • Bible Study-Serving in Midwifery
  • BIOL-Anatomy and Physiology
  • BOTNY-Soil
  • MDWF-Prenatal Care I
  • HLTH-Whole Food Principles
  • HLTH-Medical Terminology


These are 2-4 hours teachings that occur at each Skill Sessions

  • Behind the scenes with 911 Authority
  • Scientific Research vs Testimonies of the Lord
  • Being a Professional
  • CHAM Model of Care
  • Working with Teen Moms
  • Speaking and Teaching in Midwifery
  • Miscarriage
  • Maidenhood Into Womanhood


1st Year Descriptions



First Year Students assist with Childbirth Classes and other classes in progression.



First year Students assist the 2nd and 3rd Students in the labs


CPR and NRP Courses:

These are required by the end of the first year.



This will be given in Spring of the student’s first year. These are very helpful skills to have when working with a preceptor.



Skills will be incorporated into the midwifery courses Midwife’s Assistant, and Prenatal Care I. Please refer to the Skill Session page.

2nd Year Overview