Program Philosophy and Vision

CHAM is a Christian midwifery program with the heart to honor and glorify our Lord Jesus Christ.   The Lord is the creator of  the birth process, and we feel He has much to say in bringing the mother through one of the greatest experiences of her life.  God intends for the mother to feel empowered as she goes through the birth process and no one can lead this process better than Him. discipleship in knowing God more deeply and His. CHAM students go through rigorous academic courses and skill practicums, but the intent of the school is to equip students with the greatest skill in knowing God with a heart to serve in His precious work of midwifery. We believe God designed birth to be one of the most significant experiences in a woman’s life. If given the tools and support, most mothers can take charge of their birth and do it well. We also greatly value the role and wisdom of the husband in the pregnancy and birth. We believe the Lord directs and speaks to the husband as well as the midwife and students learn to listen carefully to what a husband is saying. Midwives are often referred to as “guardians of the normal” meaning that a midwife’s job is to guard a normal pregnancy and birth. As Christians, taking this principal further, students will be taught to guard and work with the couple and follow the Lord’s leading in birth. Students will be instructed in the patterns and clues of normal birth but they will also learn the signs and symptoms of when a midwife must take action and intervene with wisdom. CHAM embraces the Hebrew view of birth and learning. This is not solely an academic process. While students will engage in the highest level of academic study, other dimensions of pregnancy and birth will also be taught. Learning to listen to God and heed their own hearts as well as using critical thinking skills, students will be able to pull from different tools—whether that be science, medical midwifery natural health, or other choices in prenatals and birth. Every aspect of a student’s being will be fully engaged in the learning process. The academic portion of our midwifery course will require an average of 2-3 hours of daily study. Students meet once a month to observe and practice midwifery skills. The focus of the first semester is to gain the skills required to be a midwife’s assistant. Following this initial course, students are ready to be placed with a preceptor. This puts their education to immediate and practical use and gives them the opportunity to go above and beyond the minimum in their learning. Moving beyond basic requirements was our admonition to the first students of the school and this attitude is a blessing to students and preceptors alike. Above all, we are here to praise our Creator and lend our lives to this calling of midwifery—for His purposes and for His glory.