Support to Families

We hear the word empowered a lot today mostly in the feminist circles, often Christians get turned off by that word. The truth is God meant for women to be empowered in different areas of their lives. A couple of those areas are in childbirth, nursing her baby, and taking care of her babies. Women throughout ages have always had help and education from the women in their communities, and for the most part, this has disappeared. In many situations today, you will find a young woman without support and having no clue how to care for her newborn.

The typical medical services to a birthing couple often does not cover the real needs. Going through birth and becoming a parent is the most daunting experience in life for a young couple.

CHAM has the goal of not only teaching students to accommodate the women to have a very empowering experience in birth, but we go farther to help her prepare for breastfeeding and taking care of her newborn. We have seminars on postpartum recovery and train families, as well as doulas how to help a mother recover from birth. Our goal is to also help build her health, getting ready to carry out life. We have put on the young mother’s today the task and goal of becoming superwomen. Part of our training is to help mother’s to see seasons in life. Mothering a newborn is intense, but passes quickly. This time is very special and sets precedence for that child in many areas of life. A mother will never regret taking this time to get to know her newborn and it’s care. Nor will she regret learning to take care of herself which includes letting others take care of her during postpartum.

Mother’s used to know how to take care of their children health wise. Today through scare tactics and intimidation, mothers often just do what the doctor says. God created both mother and father to care for their children and put wisdom in both hearts. The jurisdiction of the family has been sorely undermined. Our goal at CHAM is to teach once again parents how to bring health to themselves and their children. That intuition is in a mother is for a purpose. God guides a mother by the Holy Spirit and her husband. Again this has been down played by society today. To help, we want to offer many classes on women’s health and family’s health and empower women to take that place again in their family. A big part of this is learning nutrition to build health in her family. This takes time to learn and practice. We will be offering classes to help her in this role.

Finally, CHAM sees a huge attack on young ladies even as early as 13 (earlier in some areas of the country), to take vaccinations against cervical cancer. The HPV immunization is ruining health and fertility all throughout the country for these young ladies. We will be offering a seminar for mothers and daughters to come together and learn about this onslaught of damaging information and how a young lady takes care of herself and protects her fertility. It is called Maidenhood into Womanhood. If you would like this seminar in your church, please contact us to set up a time.