CHAM Informational Meeting

Sat May 11, 2024 10am – 11am (MDT)

Midwifery Program

How CHAM Functions

Many of the courses are done correspondent. Science courses are the main ones, but except for the skills themselves, all subjects are read and covered at home before coming to the Skill Sessions. These courses will be reviewed and quizzed at home, tested at the Skill Session. The CHAM office will keep copies of grades and records.

The science courses are first chosen from Apologia to keep the emphasis of a creator in the learning. Apologia courses in the senior year are consider college courses. Other courses have been chosen carefully to support CHAM’s vision. These are Apologia’s advanced courses.

There are 10 Skill Sessionswith the first one being the last week of August at a Retreat, and the last one in May. These Skill Sessions are first for the purpose of bringing students together to build teams and learn to work in unity. There are some courses that are better learned together with discussions following. Beginning, intermediate, and advanced skills are learned each year. These are taught by Diane, RN’s and CPM’s. These are practiced back with their family and friends and tested at the end of each semester. Long distant students will be required to come to 4 Skill Sessions/year. (Please call for more information on long distant students)

Students with the help of CHAM establish relationships with preceptors in their community where they will build their numbers of births, and learn skills that can only be learned at births. CHAM has also established relationship with intense training centers to allow the students to experience a birthing center and increase their numbers. When students have finished the academic program and have achieved the numbers of  births required by NARM (North America Registry of Midwives), they will sit for the exam and become Certified Professional Midwives.


  • Is born again unto Jesus Christ
  • Attends a Christian church regularly
  • Desires to learn to listen to the Holy Spirit.
  • Shows evidence of a heart of service to others.
  • Strives to have a heart of humility
  • Would be willing to be a team player (In school and in her personal practice)
  • Shows respect to authority, leaders, and peers.
  • Is willing to submit to accountability in her life
  • Tries to embrace hard things cheerfully.
  • Is willing to try to work out conflicts based on the principles found in Matthew 18: 15-19.
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Holds a high school diploma or equivalent