Cost of Program


This amount covers a full year of classes, overseeing quizzes and test for correspondent materials, and board for the retreat. Tuition for a full years is: $2995.00


This is an estimation as students are welcome to buy used books. For the full three years an estimate is: $800.00-$1000.00


This again is an estimate. For all three years equipment is approximately: $2500.00

Miscellaneous Cost:

There are a few courses and experiences that are outside the program. This includes the following:

NPR Course Approx. $200.00
CPR Course Cost varies from town to town Approx. $50 – $125
Charting Course 2nd Year $30 – $50
Certified Lactation Counselor 3rd Year $900
Doula course in the school, no extra cost. For certification outside $450
Meals at the retreat Approx. $120


There most likely will be the need for intense training sessions to attain the required number of births to meet the NARM standards. These range from $250.00/week to $500.00/week. It is best to stay 3-6 weeks. The school’s plan is to raise funds for this. These centers are in Utah. The way the parents can help is to set up times of fund raising in their church and community. Diane plans to speak to share the heart of the school, the vision to your community and churches, to see ways people can help.

In addition to the intense training, it is the goal to take the students to a training center outside of the US to learn missionary midwifery. This will take place in the 3rd year. This is not set up right now, so we ask for prayers as the Lord guides us to the place and the cost. This is another fundraiser project.