Why Consider a Christian Midwifery Program

Birth is God’s creation. We say that we are guardians of the normal birth. As Christian midwives we are guardian of God’s principles that surround birth. Just as in all areas of life, that when you learn a subject without biblical principles, you learn in part. We learn to gently watch the leading of the Lord in births and learn precious gifts and minister these to the birthing couples. And the most beautiful thing, is that as we learn the principles, it brings our relationship closer to the Lord Jesus.

At CHAM, students will learn all the medical and traditional midwifery skills necessary to fulfill the NARM testing. However, the greatest skill they will learn is knowing God. Because God knows the heart and health of the mothers, we need His wisdom to lead us through each birth. We believe that God speaks to fathers during birth, so we purpose to listen and honor the fathers.

CHAM students are girded with science courses to further open and make connections when they learn health principles. They learn to care for mothers during pregnancy to build their strength. They are carefully watched and ministered to. We aim to have the mother and baby in a position of strong health by the time labor comes. This is an area for women that God intends for mothers to be empowered so we address things that can lead to complications so moms can take charge of their births. We in essence see ourselves as partners with the Lord to help the mother have the best experience as possible.