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CHAM is an answer to a 20 year vision and dream for Diane.  Her background starts with becoming a nurse (LPN).  With her own births and assisting with other births, she knew there was something better.  In striving to understand and her persistant searching for “the better”, she ended up teaching childbirth classes, leading LaLeche League (helping mothers with nursing), and becoming a midwife.  She homeschooled her girls so she limited her practice to part-time. This went on for over 30 years.

During that time for the sake of bringing strong health one her daughters that was born with Spina Bifida, she pursued and attained her degree in Health and Wellness from Regis University. This degree is strong in nutrition and natural health.  She learned many health principles during that time that she carried over to midwifery.  Taking mothers out of high risk into low risk status was something that developed as she applied these health principles to mother’s wanting to become pregnant, and mother’s needing extra help in pregnancy.

CHAM came about in 2012 in response to several women asking help to become a midwife and much encouragement and help from Kevin Swanson.  Diane’s heart is to bring forward and teach what she has learned through the years to younger women, and build on Biblical principles.